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Smoked Chicken and Corn Macaroni Salad


Large chicken breasts rubbed with our bak bak chicken rub and smoked over mesquite, sweet corn, shredded cabbage, and macaroni mixed together with a light aioli dressing.



Homemade Mac ‘N Cheese


No orange powder here!  Whole milk, slow simmered with thyme and crushed garlic. Then comes piles of Tillamook sharp cheddar.  Rich and creamy with a crispy cheddar cheese crust.. Kick it up a notch and order it with hickory smoked bacon.


Sticky BBQ Bacon Baked Beans


Rich, gooey, salty and sweet.  With delicious thick cut bacon, and top quality ingredients, these beans go great with any dish and are a staple at any barbeque.


Sweet Vinegar ColeSlaw


Nothing worse than a coleslaw that is flavorless and that has just been drowned in mayonnaise.  This is light, crisp slaw has the perfect combination of sweet and tangy and is a fantastic compliment to any dish, but especially atop our pulled pork sandwiches.


Corn on the Cob


Simply steamed in a butter sauce, topped with smoked paprika and parmesan cheese


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